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WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. (“WPHI”) is creating an organization that will be controlled and managed through its blockchain technology with its first companies having total revenues exceeding millions of dollars annually.


WPHI is not a start-up:

The WPHI plan involves seasoned companies whose operations are improved and enhanced by blockchain technology. WPHI SECURITY TOKENS ARE SHARES OF WPHI STOCK IN DIGITAL FORM. The offering of WPHI Digital Shares will have a limited issuance. WPHI Digital Shares are planned to be listed on a digital share exchange [STO exchange] to increase their investment utility potential through their ability to be traded on an exchange. WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. is the issuer of the WPHI Digital Shares.



TRAVEL LEADERS REVEAL WHAT'S NEXT FOR THE $7 TRILLION GLOBAL TRAVEL SECTOR. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, travel is one the world's fastest growing sectors. 

WPHI TRAVEL GROUP is the name for WPHI’s travel activities operations.

WHPI TRAVEL GROUP’S GOAL IS TO CAPTURE A MEASURED PORTION of the multi-billion dollar ground transportation industry in the next five (5) years.

WPHI DIGITAL SHARES’ OFFERING IS TO CREATE A NEW TRAVEL STANDARD. With offering proceeds WPHI will acquire three companies as well as implement its proprietary blockchain technology. Strategic acquisitions in top U.S. travel hubs are planned. WPHI’s evolution and growth will be enhanced by its own blockchain’s technology engineered efficiencies. 

WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will create the first blockchain-integrated transportation system platform.

WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will be implementing its own Artificial Intelligence technology platform, the Blockchain Process Operations Management, Monitoring, and Control System to streamline growth and operations. (WPHI has plans to apply for a U.S. patent for this revolutionary technology.)

THIS PROPRIETARY BLOCKCHAIN software platform will improve travel service, reliability, and efficiency for all travelers, WPHI TRAVEL GROUP has developed its own blockchain platform, resolving to improve corporate and personal travel through its deployment.

In preparation for, and in order to raise funds in compliance with U.S. law (See below for restrictions.), WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. filed a Form D with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") under Regulation D Rule 506(b).

The WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. Regulation D Rule 506(b) filing is available online at the SEC’s website:

PLEASE NOTE: The aforementioned filling is for the sale of securities through methods authorized by, and in a manner consistent with, the requirements of Rule 506(b).

As such this is not an advertisement for the sale of securities under Rule 506(b), and is only a notice of the filing of a Form D. Any securities to be sold under the 506(b) filed can only be offered to those persons known to the Company's officers or through broker-dealers licensed with the SEC's FINRA entity, as well as any other restrictions on such sales.

In addition to its previous Form D filing (under Rule 506(b)), WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. has filed another Form D with the SEC under Regulation D Rule 506(c). Rule 506(c) provides a different methodology and rules under Regulation D by which WYOMING PACIFIC may offer its securities for sale.

The WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. Regulation D Rule 506(c) filing is available at the 
SEC website at:

PLEASE NOTE: The latest Form D filing is in preparation for WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC.  To offer equity securities for sale in accordance with the requirements of Regulation D Rule 506(c). The disclosure of the first Form D filed (under Rule 506(b) is not to advertise for sale any securities, nor solicit an offer to purchase securities, whatsoever. Furthermore, only WPHI Digital Shares (security tokens) are being offered for sale through this website under Rule 506(c).

The Form D filings are to keep WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. in compliance with U.S. securities laws as WPHI it begins to offer its securities to investors.

What are Rule 506(b) offerings?

What are Rule 506(c) offerings?

WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC.’s plans, besides further acquisitions, include expansion into affiliated and collaborative travel activities, and other compatible opportunities.

AN INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING OF WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. common stock, in compliance with requirements to satisfy listing on NASDAQ, is planned to take place in 2020.

THE WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. STRATEGY is not a concept. WPHI has developed a novel approach for a blockchain technology company – Integrate blockchain into its own well established, with multi-million dollars in annual revenues, acquired companies, and then acquire more. 

WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. is raising money to improve a long-standing legacy business model and bring it into the current century and increase its efficiency and profitability by as much as 40% by implementing it's blockchain software system platform.

ISSUING WPHI DIGITAL SHARES and planning for an Initial Public Offering of its common stock equivalent of its digital stock is part of WPHI’s hybrid strategy to enable the paradigm shift that is scheduled, and that must come to the limousine travel industry for it to exist long into the future.

CONCEPTUALIZATION began with companies known to WPHI to be in an industry hindered by few or no efficient operating systems. WPHI’s proprietary patent pending blockchain software platform satisfies the unmet system needs of this vital, but challenged old-line industry. This technology provides for operations according to 21st century top line standards. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP operations will create the gold standard for efficiency, ease of use, and comfort. All of those are requirements demanded by travelers. All of these things will be facilitated by WPHI’s own blockchain platform.

THE WPHI TRAVEL GROUP build-out begins with companies that have been in business for decades, with oldest having operated for over 30 years. These companies will continue to operate under the leadership of their long-time management, but as part of the WPHI TRAVEL GROUP.

Wyoming Pacific Holdings, Inc. also plans to issue a utility token to be called the WPHI TOKEN. These tokens will have a fixed price per token and are not for investment. These tokens will be registered with the State of Wyoming as utility tokens under Wyoming Law. The purpose of the WPHI UTILITY TOKEN is to provide a method of payment using blockchain technology. They will be accepted by all WPHI TRAVEL GROUP companies and affiliates. These tokens will: 

1.   Provide an easily used payment method for the ever-growing WPHI TRAVEL GROUP universe
(with discounted services pricing in its ecosystem).

2.   Provide the foundation for the WPHI TRAVEL GROUP’s growth into a national and in due times to an international, organization.

3.   Provide a payment method for third-party affiliates, vendors, and platform subscribers with the ultimate goal of becoming a universal use digital utility token.

WPHI UTILITY TOKENS will represent no ownership in any entity. They will be issued at a fixed value and be available directly from the issuer, which will be WPHI COIN, INC. Their value is set arbitrarily by WPHI and not based on anyone’s efforts or plan to increase their value. They will not increase nor decrease in value in the WPHI TRAVEL GROUP ecosystem. WPHI UTILITY TOKENS will not be listed on any crypto currency exchange.

FOR THE WPHI STO (i.e., for WPHI Digital Shares), participation in the WPHI STO will be available to U.S. citizens and citizens of any country where sale, purchase, and ownership of such digital assets are allowed. NO WPHI Digital Shares can be sold in countries that the U.S. Treasury Department prohibits U.S. companies from acting in, operating in, or trading in or with, under U.S. laws, rules, or regulations. 

THROUGH ANOTHER ENTITY, WPHI is aware of plans to do an Initial Coin offering of a crypto currency whose name, as licensed by WPHI, will be the WPHI TRAVEL COIN. This coin will not be available to U.S. persons. It will be issued in full compliance with, and under the laws of, a country other than that of the United States. The funds raised through such an ICO offering may be used to purchase shares of WPHI, digital shares of WPHI, or lent to WPHI, if and as the entity, in its sole discretion, may agree to do.

AS UNITED STATES COMPANIES, WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC., which will offer WPHI DIGITAL SHARES, and WPHI COIN, INC., the future issuer of the WPHI UTILITY TOKEN, conduct business in compliance with the U.S.A. Patriot Act, the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering regulations, Know Your Customer rules, and the requirements of the U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control, as well as the equivalent laws, rules, regulations, and requirements of other countries in which WPHI UTILITY TOKENS and WPHI DIGITAL SHARES, as applicable,
may be legally purchased.



The future WPHI TRAVEL GROUP operating companies are not start-ups. WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. is raising money to improve an inefficient business model, and bring it into the 21st century.

Initiating a Secure Token Offering (STO), the sale of common shares under, as applicable, Section 506(b), or Section 506(c) offerings, in the U.S.A., and licensing the WPHI name for the issuance of WPHI COINS outside U.S.A., as well as an Initial Public Offering of its common stock, are all part of WPHI’s hybrid strategy to fund and enable the paradigm shift that it intends for, and that must come, to the limousine, transportation, travel, and hospitality industry.

Our blockchain software platform, for which patent protection will be filed, satisfies the unmet system needs of this vital, but challenged legacy industry so it can now operate as 21st century industries must. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP operations will set the gold standard for efficiency, ease of use, and comfort, demanded by travelers.


Blockchain technology is a major disruptor in many industries.  

WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will create the first blockchain technology-based transportation organization, utilizing it’s to be patent-protected blockchain software technology.

This technology will provide transparency, reliability, and improved services, with individualization per clients’ preferences. It will offer cost savings to corporate and other travelers. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP represents one of the first solutions designed specifically for travel customers. By adopting the WPHI UTILITY TOKEN as a method of payment, and with WPHI’s proprietary blockchain software technology in place, it will bring to the industry a cost saving, secure solution.

The use of our proprietary blockchain software platform will provide a secure, efficient, and reliable system of transportation management for all personal transportation clients. The ability to enjoy unified interactions between a WPHI TRAVEL GROUP personal transportation services company, and our affiliates, such as travel agents, hoteliers, and private jet services, will facilitate a seamless travel experience.

THE WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will be implementing its proprietary blockchain software platform to tailor make travel for corporate clients as well as other travelers. It will streamline, consolidate, and personalize corporate, as well as, non-business travel to cater to individual preferences.

It will be deployed on the Ethereum network ERC 20 protocol. It is the blockchain methodology for satisfying the unmet needs of an Industry hindered by inefficient systems and systems that need to be created.

WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will create the first Blockchain technology integrated transportation system. It will provide improved service, reliability, transparency, and cost savings for transportation of corporate, celebrity, elite, and all travelers. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP's mission is to create an integrated network to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated travelers. Advancing the personal and corporate travel industry is something that is long overdue. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP has resolved to enhance personal and business travel by improving the experience, while increasing efficiency, productivity, and the profitability of travel services for WPHI.


The ground transportation industry is fragmented. Corporate clients and other travelers are unsure of the service they will receive as they travel. Companies in the industry are inefficient. There are actually thousands of small standalone limousine companies in the U.S.A. which if aggregated, could be made more efficient and more profitable (UP TO 40%) through the use of WPHI blockchain technology along with the economies of scale.

With increased competition from decentralized car services, and the impending changes in smart, electric, and self-driving vehicles, it’s imperative that the ground transportation industry transforms. If not, it will die. Furthermore, overhead is too high. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP has the vision, technology, and the industry partnerships that are necessary to transform this industry.

Our Proprietary Technology:

Blockchain technology is a major disruptor in many industries. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP represents one of the first solutions designed specifically for corporate and other travelers. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will create the first blockchain technology-based transportation organization, utilizing its dedicated travel blockchain software and artificial intelligence technology.

WPHI TRAVEL GROUP’s blockchain smart contracts and use of the WPHI UTILITY TOKEN will allow lower transaction costs while simultaneously providing services that are guaranteed to meet corporate, executive, and consumer expectations and standards.

Distributed ledger technology (i.e., blockchain) allows reliable tracking of vehicles, drivers, and other facets of transportation in a verifiable way.

Market Facts:

• In the United States alone, there are over 8,300 limousine operators.

• In the United States, there are over 3,800 motor-coach charter operators.

• Spending on travel in the United States in 2018, business and leisure, almost reached One Trillion Dollars.

• Spending on business and leisure travel in the United States is projected to rise by at least 3% per year.

WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will streamline and consolidate the personal and corporate travel industry. WPHI TRAVEL GROUP, by its acquisition of limousine companies, will be leveraging successful, established limousine companies that partner with hundreds of affiliates, in hundreds of cities, worldwide. Many of these affiliates have indicated their intent to join forces with WPHI TRAVEL GROUP, and in many cases to be acquired by WPHI.

Using its proprietary blockchain technology, WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will eliminate inefficiencies and build a merit based and real time data feed system that ensures safety, regulatory compliance, client value, and premier quality service. It is software that offers an end-to-end solution for fleet management and consolidation of fleets across multiple locations.

It will be installed on the Ethereum blockchain network as a part of the WPHI TRAVEL GROUP blockchain patent implementation. Every WPHI TRAVEL GROUP motor vehicle, and eventually every WPHI TRAVEL GROUP’s affiliates’, including third-party fleet operations and others’ assets can take advantage of WPHI blockchain technology capabilities on a subscription basis, which will be a revenue generating proposition.

WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will first acquire livery companies, and as described above, its platform solution will be implemented across these fleets. Regardless of whether or not ground or flight transportation entities are part of the WPHI TRAVEL GROUP, or owned by an affiliate, they will all be able to implement the WPHI blockchain software platform solution.

From the client’s view point, they just need to know they can order their car or their jet travel through the same easy interface and be assured of the quality and security that they pay with a credit card or by using

Our vision:

Wyoming Pacific Holdings, Inc. has formulated five pillars that stand for the vision of the company. They are:

1. Providing the proprietary blockchain software platform technology, including the blockchain software platform and associated hardware through its technology subsidiary WPHI Blockchain, Inc.

2. Consolidating companies by acquiring them as a part of WPHI TRAVEL GROUP's Transportation Operations Division.

3. Consolidating insurance entities (Insurance is a very large expense for companies utilizing roads and highways to transport people). WPHI has a well-established methodology to save on insurance costs by forming captive insurance companies.

4. Setting up the Coach Manufacturing Division. WPHI will customize stock vehicles into WPHI custom vehicles, with a group that would become a part of WPHI, and that build custom vehicles for sale. 

5. The fifth pillar of our vision is how we will harness our experienced management team to execute our plans. This team includes the founders of the companies already acquired and to be acquired using the proceeds of the STO, the private placement of WPHI common stock, an IPO, and potentially from a non-owned entity’s ICO. 

The WPHI TRAVEL GROUP is organized under the U.S. Company WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC., which is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Wyoming. The company plans to consolidate the personal and corporate travel industry under a uniform operational process, It will have its proprietary blockchain software platform to enhance the travel experience and make it optimal for efficiency, comfort, and reliability.

The wheels are in motion. The Initial Secure Digital Share Offering of the WPHI shares is to set them spinning with speed and forceful momentum. The WPHI UTILITY TOKEN is to be an efficient, benefits laden, medium of exchange for use within the WPHI TRAVEL GROUP for services offered by it and its affiliates. The private placement of common stock will add more.

For companies that want to reduce costs, and control their travel budgets, using WPHI UTILITY TOKENs would be a way to accomplish such goals.

The WPHI TRAVEL GROUP will be changing the present, and transforming the future of transportation. As WPHI UTILITY TOKENs attain the characteristic of being a standard within the corporate and consumer transportation industry, the utility and benefits of using the WPHI UTILITY TOKEN will increase. 

The plan for increasing the usefulness of WPHI UTILITY TOKENs will ultimately allow it to become a widely-used utility token not only for business users but for leisure travelers as well. Starting from travel use, the use of WPHI UTILITY TOKENs is designed to expand from a strong foundation into other areas besides travel.

The Company:

WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. is the Wyoming, U.S.A. Corporation that will have the WPHI TRAVEL GROUP as an operating division.

WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. is, or will be, at its first stage, the parent of five companies, which generated total revenues in the millions of dollars.

WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. is the issuer of the WPHI Digital Shares.

WYOMING PACIFIC HOLDINGS, INC. has acquired two wholly owned subsidiaries. Next it will acquire three more companies under agreements signed with their respective owners. Each of those three companies will become wholly-owned subsidiaries as well. The purchase price paid for each is to come in part from the proceeds of WPHI DIGITAL SHARE offering and the sale of WPHI common shares.